Building a Clean Energy Future


Accelerating Clean Energy...

Austvent’s mission is to accelerate progress in clean energy by investing in companies, projects or funds that most effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Overwhelming social and economic imperatives exist, both nationally and globally, for investment in the clean energy sector. Across Asia governments are looking towards policies that ensure a stable supply of energy across their nation, decrease the cost of electricity, and expand both choices for consumers.

Austvent Impact Investing is looking to be a stimulus for impact investors and through direct engagement with developers combined with our research and analysis for decision makers, we look to uncover investment opportunities that will produce sustainable clean energy impacts.

Our investable capital has come from energy funds, private equity, and philanthropy and family offices.

Our unique value-add includes a combination of:

  • Expertise in key issue-areas such as capital markets, business and industries, philanthropy and sustainability
  • Creativity and vision, translated into concrete projects, investments, and opportunities
  • A proven track record of developing business innovation and sustainability strategies as well as executing impact investments and designing impact investment policies
  • Ability to transfer or otherwise adapt leading evaluation, monitoring, and communications approaches across environments (regional, political, and cultural alike)
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability
  • A wide-ranging and far-reaching network of global partners