Doing Well By Doing Good


We offer strategy advisory services...

... to large corporations, government bodies, and grant making foundations that want to benefit from the trends of impact capitalism and need outside sector expertise and business innovation to develop their business or supply chain to take advantage of impact megatrends and make their enterprises sustainable and profitable in the long term and along the entire value chain.

Tailor-Made Strategy Solutions

We typically approach assignments of this nature via the following work streams:

  • Opportunity mapping
  • Client analysis and strategy
  • Implementation

Business Impact Innovation

Mapping the Field

To enable our Clients to innovate, we take a system dynamics perspective identifying feedback loops and interrelations among factors, typically via the following work streams:

  • Understanding where our Client stands
  • Mapping the key impact innovation blockers and opportunities
  • Mapping the key players in the cluster
  • Mapping existing interventions and industry blueprints.

Making Transformation Happen

We support our Clients in choosing and implementing an engagement strategy that builds on marketable strengths, typically via the following work streams:

  • Building new business models and action options on sound empirical foundations
  • Identifying the levers of intervention to go from concept to successful execution
  • Defining the way forward: company & industry transformation, and value chain upgrading
  • Offering incubation services to accompany blueprint piloting