Pillars of Sustainability


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With the human population now exceeding 7 billion and growing at a rate of about 80 million per year, some estimates suggest the population will reach about 9.6 billion by 2015. Population growth is highest in developing countries many of which are located in Asia. This growth places considerable pressure on food and water resources and the availability of other natural resources, and will significantly impact on biodiversity.

Our clients look to Austvent for investments using the three pillars of sustainability. These are our core principals that drive our investments and are defined as:

1. A systems approach integrating economic, social and environmental goals (integration).

2. A cautionary perspective that takes better account of complexity, uncertainty and ignorance in planning for the future (precautionary principle).

3. Fairness and justice for current and future generations (equity).

Our clients are;

Traditional Investors

Traditional investors are eager to utilize their capital for development aims alongside investment returns.


Institutions want to devote more resources to promoting sustainable growth, responding to stakeholders demands.


Philanthropists are looking for more sustainable capital utilization.